True Introduction

I wanted this proper introduction blog to come sooner but between hurricane Irma and catching up on things, here we are.
I have been a wrestling fan all my life  and within the last five years or so I’ve become consumed with trying to be a part of that world (I will not break out into a Little Mermaid sing-along.)  I’ve tried several times and taken many paths, but different things always get in the way. Mostly for me, it’s been a lack of support. Full disclosure, this is not meant to be woe is me,  but it might come off that way because the truth is the truth and sometimes I shy away from the truth to avoid coming off really whiny.
Long story, very short. I’m a guy with Cerebral Palsy,  I have watched wrestling straight from the womb.  I’m currently enrolled in Full Sail University’s media and communications certificate program and I’ve been asked to blog about my expertise. I’m not good at much, but one thing I know inside and out is Professional Wrestling.  I’ve done some graphic design for small promotions and I’ve done commentary a couple of times professionally. I’ve done nowhere near as much as I wish due to my disability, travel issues, and overall lack of support. This blog, PandemoniuMania (pronounced pandemonium mania), will be my outlet for my greatest love.  To be clear, and I cannot say this enough,  this is not ever going to be a dirt sheet. If there is some news that I feel I’d like to add my opinion on, then my opinion will be stated here. That’s my only rule for this: not a sheet but too sweet.  I will be covering a variety of topics from all promotions and all eras.  My favorite of which being the new generation era, there will be a lot of that.  My intention is to throw my opinion into the cluttered field that is the IWC,  and hopefully, meet some like-minded individuals and gain great opportunities.
I hope you enjoy will be presented to you.
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  1. Welcome! I enjoyed reading your post intro post. Glad to hear you’re safe from Hurricane Irma! I used to be really into professional wrestling when I was a lot younger, I reminisce about waiting to watch every week. I’ve considered getting back into it myself, but seems like a lot has a changed. Good luck with your aspirations! Having a dream and being dedicated to it are the first huge steps to achieving something, don’t let the roadblocks get you down.

    Side note, I noticed you wrote a coupe of sentences twice. I figured it was an accident so wanted to let you know.


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